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Pvt Richard Taylor Camp #53

Department of Alabama


GAR Members c1890

Founded in 1999 in Huntsville, AL

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The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is a fraternal organization dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of heroes who fought and worked to save the Union. Organized in 1881 and chartered by Congress in 1954, we are the legal successor to the Grand Army of the Republic.

When you join the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, you enter a network of more than 6,000 men who form lifelong bonds, honor their heroic ancestors, and promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism in their communities. There are hereditary members, who trace their lineage to those who served honorably in the Civil War, and associate members, who do not have the requisite ancestry but wish to join the fraternity.

We are currently raising money for an exhibit on the 106th US Colored Infantry to be installed at the Alabama Veteran's Museum, in Athens Alabama.  learn more at:

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Donations to our museum project can be made through Paypal.  Scan this QR code or or use this link to access our donation page.